Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cap-it Hot Rod Initial Assembly Stages

We’re still in the initial assembly stages and we need to address some key elements that may affect the look of the entire Rod before we can go any further.

Some Hot Rods just end up looking better than others and you don’t know why – well we believe it’s in the details.

  • The engine needs to sit as level as possible with a 3 degree slope to the rear
  • We don’t want the engine to close to the firewall 
  • And we don’t want the engine to sit to low either

The steering box may be in the road of the exhaust pipes – time will tell – we’ll know as soon as we get the pipes

click for large image

So far it appears that we need to insert a ¾” rubber spacer on the motor mounts and a 1” spacer on the Tranny mount.

The King Pins slid into the Spindles beautifully but would not slide into the axel. Purchasing a reaming tool will cost us $185.00 – for a one time use I think it’s out of the question unless it’s absolutely necessary. We found a small drum sanding tool, wet it down, put it in a drill and we made a few in and out pulls and presto – it did the job!

We need to cut a whole in the floor and position the gear shifter

Installing the Transmission cooling unit to the side frame

Final fitting of the radiator

The fitting of the side wind deflectors - we used paper cut-outs to give the glass shop the exact size and shape. Both the windshield and the side deflectors have to be custom cut – were also getting them tinted so we don’t get any glare.

We special ordered a – Retro 1965 Mustang Ford Radio – we think it will fit well alongside the retro gauges 

We laid out the instrumentation panel with paper cut-outs before any holes can be drilled.

We’re lucky! – We found 16 gauge trailer fenders that fit our wheels perfectly. All we have to do now is cut them down to length, weld two rear fenders together to accommodate the 18” wide tires, build some heavy brackets and were off. What a relief – we thought we might have to make the fenders from scratch. Mounting them will present another hurdle – but we’ll see how they look when we get the wheels on the chassis.

Hopefully the wheels arrive next week. 

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