Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Hot Rod Frame and Body arrived

The long wait is over – and believe it or not the three months have gone by relatively quickly – the frame and body for the T Bucket arrived today.

First the inspection and then checking off all the various custom parts and fittings that were ordered

Now for the fun part – I have to open up every box - and it looks like every part I ordered is there – no damages and it appears everything is in better condition than expected
There were only several back-orders that did not make the shipment
  • Sanderson Headers
  • Wilwood front disc brakes
  • Windshield wipers etc

I’ll still have to order the instrument gauges, wiring kit, 4 way flashes, ignition, battery and so on.

The first thing I do is place the frame on axle stands
Then I begin the job of attaching as many parts to the frame as possible knowing full well I’ll be taking everything back off again – it’s a constant on and off process – until I’ve got it right. Once every part is fitted and every bracket welded – I disassemble it all again and then take it to paint

  1. I’m curious to see how the special order chrome front end looks  
  2. Master cylinder nicely tucked inside the frame
  3. Installing the rear Currie 9 “ Ford axle
  4. Steering box
  5. Front shocks
  6. Radius rods
  7. Actual working 1923 radiator thermostat
  8. The radiator
  9. Headlight and chrome brackets
chrome front end
chrome front end
master cylinder
Currie 9" Ford axle
steering box
front shocks
radius rods

working 1923 radiator thermostat
the radiator
headlight and chrome brackets

engine ready to go
half-way in
engine mounted to frame
I place the Mickey Thompson tires next to the Bucket just to see how it will look

We place the body back on and vice grip the radiator to the frame – now comes the detail work.

Stay tuned for Episode #4

We run into some problems!
  • We find out that the engine is sitting to low and hitting the steering box – Oil pan will hit speed bumps unless we do something
  • Were not getting the look we want
  • We find out that the front king pins won’t fit the spindles

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