Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hot Rod Assembly Update

Now that I've laid out the instrumentation and the dash board it's time to buy the correct hole saw and cut the holes. Only problem is the hole saws never come in sizes of a 1/16" so I purchased a sanding wheels to enlarge the holes to the exact amount and wow does it ever work well on fiberglass.

Hole Saw
Sanding wheel did the trick
The Dash Instrument Array
I was lucky... I found trailer fenders that have the same radius as my tires... Just a little cutting, welding and trimming on I'm off. We'll be coming back to this next time.

Installing the tonneau cover

Cover Installed
The Sanderson headers arrived. I ordered them ceramic coated and do the ever look good. It's better than chrome and this way they won't blue.

Finally mounted the Weld wheels after waiting three weeks for the order to come in. Now I can determine what size fenders to put on. We need fenders in BC to pass inspection.

Front discs and rotors have arrived

Front Brake Assembly
I designed a special mount to hold the rear fender brackets out of paper core board so I can do a dry fit before I get them cut out of 1/2" metal stock. I had a local Plasma CNC cutting machine shop do the job. My desire is to have the brackets look professional and slick. Hot rod builders are always looking at the details  Hopeful it will do the job

Custom designed template
Final machined part

Perfect fit

Check back to see our next update, coming soon.

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