Friday, December 10, 2010

Ford T-Bucket Engine Dyno Testing

Dyno Test

Well we did it – the engine was dynoed Thursday evening in Langley and we’re happy with the results. Just like we planned - it looks like we’ll get the 400 horse power after all. Remember we only put in a 280 cam because we didn’t want to have an unmanageable ride. It idled beautifully at 850 – 950 rpm’s - we got the low rumbled we wanted.

As we did each run we saw that the new engine was breaking in – each pass gave us 7-9 additional horse power.

Torque remained constant to our surprise – the technician said that the high rise manifold played a huge role in this.
3,330 rpm = 355 Clb-ft torque
4,900 rpm = 382

We knew going into the test that without our new custom made headers from Sandersons, test results wouldn’t be the best – Headers won’t be arriving for another two weeks. Considering that the exhaust manifold we used was stock and unsuitable for the test our horse power still reached a respectable 376 hp
5,600 rpm = 376 hp
Again the technician felt that we lost at least 20 hp because of this - so if you add it all up we got our 400 hp (396)

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the engine build, thanks to Canada Engines. Steve was most helpful in the details, not only choosing the right performance parts but recommending aluminum paint on bare parts such as the high-rise Manifold, Water pump, Tranny and other items that complemented the red engine. It’s easier to keep clean and always looks fresh. Braided hose and fittings, topped with a stainless nut and bolt package; red plug wiring meticulously woven to the plugs
We got the hot rod look we wanted.

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