Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cap-it T-Bucket Update

We hope to have the Rod up and running in the next two weeks, just in time for the Bradner May-day Parade.

What’s on our still to do list?
  1. Finish the last of the wiring items such as master cylinder brake switch, coil wiring, battery terminal and turn signal switch
  2. Install main carb linkage and Kick-down transmission linkage to carburetor
  3. Speedo cable
  4. Rear Fenders
  5. Rear view mirror
  6. Install new chrome oil pan
  7. All fluids such as Antifreeze, Rear-end oil, Transmission fluid

We are all looking forward to the first time we start the engine, it will be quite the celebration especially if we don’t see any circuits shorting out. Although I personally enjoy 12 volt wiring, this has been quite the task. Despite the fact that this is a simple Rod I found out the there are many different ways in which to wire a vehicle.  The, “It’s a Snap” wiring kit should be called’ “It’s a Pain”. They should have at least given better wiring diagrams; many diagrams sections were missing such as the brake switch and turn signals. Because it’s a fiberglass body ground wires had to be routed and so we took special care in grounding the Rod. We took some good advice and ran a heavy ground wire from the battery which is located at the rear and ran it under the frame directly to the front of the Rod, then we ran a ground wire to the engine. Then we connected all lights, gauges and switches to that wire.
If you ever have a problem with 12 volt it will be because of the ground not being adequate or weak. In other words you can’t count on the frame to make a good connection as a ground. Some parts just need a good solid ground to work efficiently.


  1. It is nice to have this car show and the pictures speak for themselves. Nice to see all these cars. I always love going for car shows and seeing all this unique models.

  2. where did you acquire the luggage rack?