Monday, March 28, 2011

1923 T Bucket Update - The Body is On

The body is on

Installing the windshield - We ordered tinted safety glass for the windshield and side wind deflectors.

Pre fitting the fuel tank and battery case in the rear of the truck box

Installing the Windshield Support Rods - Because of the vertical windshield the wind resistance it will cause the 23 T Bucket calls for chrome support rods mounted to the frame. They must be the exact length before they will fit.

Installing the chrome radiator hose - this installation posed most difficult because the chrome copper Rad hose was just too short for us to place the chrome end caps on and fit it to the engine. But with 3-4 hours of study we managed to get it fitted. It doesn’t help when the Rad hose kit is missing critical parts.

Laying out the wiring harness - I’m using a wiring harness called, “It’s a Snap”
In my opinion the name, “It’s a Snap” wiring harness is misleading, it leads you to believe that it’s a snap to install when in fact it’s a pain in the back side. The company should have spent a little more time creating better instructions. 
The instructions began by saying that there are 3 bundles of wires, one bundle goes to the front of the vehicle, the second bundle goes to the rear of the vehicle and the third is for the interior. You’d think they could count; I looked at the harness and saw 4 bundles. It took me one hour to figure out what the forth bundle was for, and this was just the beginning. The wiring diagram was just as confusing, they did not show where the signal switch was, and they did not show how to wire up the brake switch and so on. By the way they have no internet site where you can go for help so I had to go to other sites to get the information.    
We did manage to get the rod wired.

Wiring the 6 gauges, light switch and ignition switch. 
Yes it looks a mess but it’s a well organized mess. 12V wiring has always been a pleasure for us and relatively easy to do.  The wires are coded so its easy to follow from one end to the other.

Fuel tank & Battery installed

We had to make up a special bracket to install the Solenoid

Installing the firewall and floor carpet

The carpet must be in before we can install the wiring harness. 

Placing the entire wiring harness
Let me tell you working under the dash of a 23 T Bucket is just about impossible. We did as much of the pre wiring as possible on the bench because we knew what we were in for. The T Bucket is just to small to crawl on ones back and let- alone having to soldering wires under those conditions.

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  1. Installing the windshield and Wiring the 6 gauges, light switch and ignition switch as much as the pictures are great but we need more information on the installation process. How it it actually work and the steps to follow.