Thursday, September 22, 2011

Downtown Abbotsford Car Show

The Downtown Abbotsford Car Show took place on Saturday, September 17th. There was a bit of rain early in the morning, then the sky's cleared and the crowd arrived.

Cap-it Hot Rod and Hank received First Choice Award
Hank want to thank the Abbotsford Car show sponsors and especially Unitex Sales Ltd for Picking the Cap-it Hot Rod from all the other cars for their first choice award.

The Blues Brothers arrived in the "Blues Mobile" and performed on the live stage.

It was a fun show, with great cars and good food and entertainment, right in the heart of the old downtown Abbotsford.


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  4. It is nice to have this car show and the pictures speak for themselves. Nice to see all these cars. I always love going for car shows and seeing all this unique models.
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  5. So is that 'The' Blues Brothers from the Movie? I know they trashed that car but I am sure they had multiples so just curious if it has any original relation.? Looks like it was a fun get together.