Thursday, November 25, 2010

Follow Hank as he builds a 1923 Ford T Bucket – Pick-up truck

Hank Funk CEO of Cap-it International is planning to build a 1923 Ford T Bucket this winter. You will be able to follow him step by step, as he attempts to build this awesome Hot Rod.
As a result of the economic slow down in America, most hot rod kit manufactures for this style of vehicle have either discontinued to offer kits, or gone out of business. As a result Hank has hired a firm in California to custom build the chassis and body for him.
The whole idea behind the project is to build the ‘23 T bucket as a pick-up truck promoting Cap-it, and its “Genuine Truckware” accessories. It will be available to franchisees show & shine events, parades and car shows.

Hence the – “Cap-it T-Bucket”

The truck should look much like the attached image, but with a few alterations such as larger rear tires and a larger engine. 
Hank selected a custom engine built by Steve at Canada Engines in Surrey BC
1969 - 351 Cleveland – very rare engine – originally from a 1969 Mustang
2 – 4 barrel Edelbrock 500 CFM carbs
Dragster Tunnel Ram
Mild Cam 
Hopefully a comfortable 400 horsepower engine

C4 Transmission with 2700 torque converter
31 X 18 rear Mickey Thomson Tires
      26 X  8 front  Mickey Thomson Tires

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